Welcome to Burgers, Beers, and Beards

Our first post!

We are finally getting into the blogging game here on ChompRI.com.  We hope that this blog will become a useful resource for you to visit to learn more about craft beer, burgers, sandwiches, beards, recipes, updates to our menu, as well as some behind the scenes stuff.

What to expect

Burgers. We certainly have a little different approach to food, doing it all from scratch to create some pretty special burgers and sandwiches.  Here we will give you an inside look as to how we create the dishes we serve at Chomp Kitchen and Drinks as well as what inspires us.  We will fill you in on some of the jargon we use on the menu so you can better understand what kim chi is, and how ours is different from most typical Kim Chi, how we make our own bacon, ketchup, hot sauce and much more.  We might even let you in on a few secrets! 

[Craft] Beer.  We hope to spread our knowledge of these fine liquids onto our guests to keep you in the loop as to what is going on out in the crowded craft beer world.  We will have guest bloggers that are in the industry to share some insight into the local market as well as nationwide. Beer recommendations, food pairings, breaking craft beer news, new stuff on draft...you get the idea...

Beards. An area of the blog where what we post doesn't really fall into the food or beer category but we think is noteworthy.  Events going on in Warren, community involvement, our favorite music currently playing at Chomp [We get a lot of requests about this!] and whatever comes to mind.

You will finally have something to look forward to Tuesday mornings as we will publish content on a bi-weekly basis. 

Until next time.