What's up with Kimchi & Bulgogi?

The Shumai Burger loaded up with our homemade kimchi!

The Shumai Burger loaded up with our homemade kimchi!

If the culinary field isn’t something that you’re quite familiar with then its safe to say some of our menu items and descriptions can leave you scratching your head in confusion. But no worries, that’s why we’re here; to inform you on some topics that can help you decide on your next meal choice or maybe just clear the air on that word that has you diving into your smart phones looking for answers.

Bulgogi and Kimchi are two examples that have been making appearances on our menu since the beginning and still have some of our patrons wondering; whats the deal with all these Korean words!? 

Both Bulgogi and Kimchi have Korean descent. Bulgogi, which actually means, “fire meat” in Korean, is said to have originated from Goguryeo, one of the Ancient Three Kingdoms of Korea. Bulgogi is typically made from thinly sliced pieces of sirloin and other quality cuts of beef marinated in a combination of ingredients such as soy sauce, garlic, sesame oil, pepper and sugar to tenderize the meat as well as intensifying its flavor. Commonly cooked on a grill, Bulgogi has found it self being taking to a pan-cooking technique as well over time.

Kimchi, also known as Kimchee or Gimchi, is a Korean side dish made from vegetables and seasonings with a sour and spicy taste. In the beginning, Kimchi was only prepared with cabbage and beef stock. Now with over 100 different varieties, Kimchi can be made to accommodate based around seasons, regions, and ingredients (cucumber, cabbage, radish, scallion) just to name a few. Typically, Kimchi is prepared in jars and developed by fermenting underground for months at a time.

One of our goals is to constantly be pushing the envelope on how far people are willing to go in their quest for culinary exploration.  We feature Bulgogi Pork Belly (same cut of the pig as bacon…we will save that for another time…) as a starter that we first cure then marinate in our own Bulgogi marinade. What you get is delicious and tender pork belly.  We then cook to the belly to order and plate it on a bed of Kimchi for some added depth of flavor with each bite.   

Our Kimchi is a “quick” kimchi and somewhere in the middle on the kimchi spectrum in terms of “funky-ness.”.  Unlike the more traditional method of letting the vegetables ferment for months on end, we speed up the process a bit. How do we speed it up you ask? Well, we cheat the science of making kimchi a bit by doing the following.  First, we rub everything down with salt and sugar to get all of the flavors vegetables flowing. We then add some chili flakes, vinegar plus a decent amount of fish sauce to aid in the fermentation.  This allows us to maintain the great flavor and expectations that people have of kimchi while not having to dig holes in the ground and play the waiting game. 

Our favorite use of the kimchi is on the Shumai burger.  This is our take on the traditional pork dumpling, deconstructing it, and making it a burger.  If you haven't had this burger yet, GET IT! It is one of our favorites for a reason and once we recommend it to any of our guests, they see why.  The pork patty by itself is worth writing an entire blog about.  The Shumai has it all, sweet, savory, spicy, salty, and crunchy! The ultimate umami! 

Hungry? So are we, see you at 4:30! 

Also as a friendly reminder we will be closing for our Christmas break from December 22 to January 1 and reopening on January 2 at 4:30.  Safe travels and happy holidays.