The Secret Guide to Avoiding the Wait at Chomp

Psst...we want to let you in on a little secret...

We know the best times to eat at Chomp while avoiding those pesky lines and wait times.  But let's keep this between us...

We get asked all the time.  Since we don't take reservations, it is hard to predict every night.  But with the use of in house analytics we actually have a pretty good idea on what days and times to come in.  Of course, these could change on any given day due to a variety of factors, but with two years of data the least we could do is share it with you.   

1. Early or Late.  
We get this question a lot, "what is the best time to come in?" We always answer with "earlier or later the better," and for good reason, all you have to do is look at the Google graph below #5 to see the proof in that statement.  Cycling through days of the week will allow you to pick the perfect time to strike for that House Burger and Lagunitas IPA.  

2. Hump Day.  
Wednesday's are ripe for the picking.  No real rhyme or reason, but it is quite possibly the best day to get your Chomp on. 

3. Patriots games.  
Patriots fan or not, during the Pat's game's are without a doubt the best day to cozy up to the bar or grab a seat in the dining room with little to no wait.  The TV is always on for the game and our burgers and wings paired with a nice robust Stout make for a fantastic evening.  

4. Give us a jingle. 
Although we do not take reservations or call ahead seating, you can always call to see what the current situation is at the restaurant.  Obviously between the time you call and the time you arrive, things could change significantly, but at least it gives you a great way to knowing what is going on.  

5. Use Google. 
Google can actually give you a peak into the ebb and flow of any given night...what can't these guys do?!  They recently released a feature that basically shows, in bar graph form, the amount of times people check into the restaurant.  Pretty cool stuff if you ask us.  


As a friendly reminder we offer additional parking at the Bristol County Water Authority right next door (The big brick building) Here is a quick visual to check out to see where is a good spot to park.