New Menu Items, Bao, Bacon, Brat

While it may be hard to see any end to the ridiculous amount of snow we have gotten in the past month, you can take comfort in the fact that we have been hard at work crafting some new menu items that might make you forget there is six feet of snow on the ground…maybe

As you know by now, we change the menu quite a bit.  There are so many possibilities when it comes to ways to create burgers and sandwiches, that we never want to limit our creativity, and lets face it, new burgers and sandwiches are exciting! 

We have some new Asian influence on the menu that started last week.  We have created a dish that might our most multi-ethnic to date.  

The Duck Confit Bao.  Bao is a Chinese term for steamed buns, a pillow-y bun that opens like a clam shell that is customarily filled with meat like pork belly or vegetarian items. We took that traditional idea and put our own spin on it by making French inspired duck confit (salt curing a piece of meat and then cooking it in its own fat) to fill the Bao with.  We then finish it off with pickled carrots, fresh cucumber, cilantro, and a chili-lime aioli. 

We bid a farewell to two guest favorites, the Shumai and the Bacon Me Crazy, but replaced it with two burgers we feel are some of our best to date. 

The New Bacon Burger. We had the “Bacon Me Crazy” burger on the menu for over a year, outlasting many of the other burgers on the menu.  We think we have one-upped ourselves and created a burger with more bacon while reducing the likelihood of a bacon-coma (is that a bad thing?).  This new burger is a pork based patty with 1/3 of the patty being 100% bacon and 2/3 pork.  We could have just put the burger on a bun and sent it out the door as is and it would be delicious, but we needed more bacon! We made a bacon, cheddar, jalapeño cheese spread to go on the bottom bun, bacon aioli, topped it with three slices of house cured and smoked bacon, and added lettuce and tomato to make it healthy.  This one eats lighter, but actually has more bacon in it! Genius!

The Bratwurst Burger. This burger has replaced our beloved Shumai burger.  As we tell guests all the time when we take something off the menu, we never substitute it with something we think is inferior to the previous item and that continues here.  

As we did with the Shuami burger, where we deconstructed a traditional pork dumpling and made it a dynamic burger, we have done the same with the bratwurst burger.  

A traditional dish in countries such as Germany and Switzerland, the bratwurst comes with rosti, a fancy word from shredded potatoes, sauerkraut, and most folks choose to top it with mustard.  We created a delicious bratwurst burger, a creamy sauerkraut, rosti, and a homemade spicy mustard.  Did I mention that this burger goes great with a couple beers? 

Hopefully this has given you some motivation to get out of the house today, we are searching for motivation ourselves…

Until next time!