How to Attack the Stack 3.0: The Contest

With almost 2 years of witnessing hundreds of successful and not so successful attempts to conquer the glorious Stack, Stack 2.0, Stack 2.3, and our current version, the Stack 3.0, we feel now is a good time as any to ask the age old question, "how the heck do I eat this thing?!"

We get asked all the time for the best way to devour this 9-inch tall mountain of meat and although we have what we think is a good way, we have seen many more creative methods in the bar and dining room.  

So lets get to it, we are looking for the the most creative way to tackle this glorious burger. A step by step guide on how you have successfully eaten the Stack.  Points will be awarded for;

1. Method used, are you a cut in half person or a death gripper?

2. Creative storytelling, lets have a little fun here, How many attempts it took? Did you train for it? How many Stacks have you eaten? 

3. Pictures or videos of the conquering (like these guys above)

4. Your a few words of encouragement for future Chompers. (A pep talk of sorts)  

To submit your How To Guide, you can post it to our Facebook page, Tag us on Instagram, email us at or leave it in the comment section here on the blog.  

The best entry at the end of June will receive a $100.00 Chomp Kitchen and Drinks gift card and hold the title as our resident "Attack the Stack" Expert.  

Let's help future guests #attackthestack.

Your time starts now, GO!