New Summer Menu

With the first official day of summer being a few days ago, there is no better time than now to release our new summer menu items. Below is phase one of menu changes that will take place over the next week. 

Menu changes are always tough, we always end up taking someones favorite something off the menu, and for that we apologize.  But know this, we never put anything on the menu we feel would not fill the shoes of its popular predecessor.


Before we dive into the menu changes, a quick reminder about our #attackthestack contest running until the end of the month.  Head over to our blog to learn more about it and enter to win a $100 Chomp gift card if you are selected as our Resident #attackthestack master.  More info available on our June 1st blog post. 

Mini Rhode Island food icon

A couple weeks ago we featured Mini Stuffies as a special and they debuted to rave reviews.  We are happy to announce they are now a permanent feature on our menu, taking place of the mussels.

Mini Stuffies : Smokey pork & beef stuffing with jalapeños & pickled red onions

New Wings 

Maple bourbon & bacon, it was a good run...We are introducing a new wing flavor tonight, White balsamic and Basil are now on the menu and are absolutely delicious.  

New Fried Chicken

This might be our best fried chicken sandwich to date.  We have managed to make the southern fried chicken sandwich even more southern by topping it with homemade pimento cheese, jalapeno bacon (yes, jalapeno bacon), ranch, lettuce and tomato on toasted ciabatta.  


New Stack

We are mixing up the stack a little bit by adding the pimento cheese to the fried chicken that sits atop the meat mountain, because well, everything is better with pimento cheese on it.   

Here is what wikipedia has to say about Pimento cheese; 

Pimento cheese is a common food preparation in the Southern United States, a spread or relish made with cheese. It is affectionately known as "the caviar of the South". The basic recipe has few ingredients: sharp cheddar cheese or processed cheese (such as Velveeta or American cheese), mayonnaise, pimentos, salt and pepper, blended to either a smooth or chunky paste.[1] Regional ingredients include cream cheese, Louisiana-style hot sauce, Worcestershire sauce, cayenne pepper, paprika, jalapeños, onions, garlic, and dill pickles.